In December 2013, 220 people sent in requests of what they would like included on what would become a massive crowdsourced drawing experiment.

Requesting was simple. Individuals pledged for the number of squares they'd like to purchase on the drawing, at $1 per square. The more cubes a person pledged for, the larger their request appears on the final drawing. In total, 3012 cubes were pledged for, creating a 2 x 1.5 metre canvas.


The final output of Internetopia is a full colour B1 poster, limited to 300 signed and numbered copies.



Internetopia took three months of solid drawing to complete. The original sketch was drawn by pencil on custom designed graph paper. The inking of the final artwork was then done on 150gsm tracing paper with 0.1mm technical pens.



  • 3012 cubes were pledged for by a total of 220 people.
  • The highest number of cubes purchased by a single contributor was 125.
  • A total of seven Waldo’s/Wally’s were asked for, all from different people.
  • A very high percentage of requests involved animals in some way, shape or form. The number 42 was requested by two individuals.
  • There are three penises on Internetopia.
  • It’s - probably - the largest piece of crowdsourced art done by a single artist in the whole world.

If you have any inquiries about the project or just fancy a chat, feel free to get in touch.